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Server information about irc2.snt.ipv6.utwente.nl

MOTD of irc2.snt.ipv6.utwente.nl

irc2.snt.ipv6.utwente.nl Message of the Day - 
2/7/2017 18:50
              Welcome to irc.snt.ipv6.utwente.nl

          This IRC server is run by Studenten Net Twente
                  at the University of Twente.

       This is an IPv6 server, allowing you to connect to IRC
                      via the IPv6 protocol.

              The server is being maintained by:
               - Robbert Muller (MJRider on IRC)

   Questions or remarks should be directed to irc6@snt.utwente.nl

Bots in any shape or form are prohibited on the dutch part of this
IRC network.

Please do not bother us with irc-problems/fights/kicks/bans or
any other kind of non-server related question in email or on IRC.
They are a part of irc, and we are not in the position to solve them
for you.

There is 1 server available for ipv6:
- irc.snt.utwente.nl

Basic rules:

- Only 2 connections per person allowed. Please note that this is not
  per host, but per person, and goes for the total amount on the entire
  IRC network.

- No bots! They will be removed from this server without hesitation.

- No abuse. This is a rule which describes many actions. Always try to
  use your common sense.

- No DNS polluted hosts. See http://www.dnsspam.nl/ for a statement on
  this. Some IPv6 numeric addresses also fall in this category. For more
  information on how to name your hosts, check:

Every oper/admin has the right to take actions as (s)he sees fit. And
those actions are not open to debate.

        Keep in mind: IRC is a privilege, not a right!


ADMIN-istrative information from irc2.snt.ipv6.utwente.nl

Administrative info about irc2.snt.ipv6.utwente.nl
IRC beheer team, SNT at University of Twente, The Netherlands
Client ipv6 Server

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