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MOTD of irc.xs4all.nl

irc.xs4all.nl Message of the Day - 
19/2/2013 16:20
         Welcome to irc.xs4all.nl  Internet for the masses.

  This is a dedicated IRC server for The Netherlands sponsored by
                       XS4ALL Internet BV. 

                     see http://www.xs4all.nl/.

Bots in any shape or form are prohibited on this server and
on XS4ALL in particular.
# WARNING!!!!!
IRC!!. They might be altered to let someone else into your account.
This is NOT a joke, and has already happened to several systems on IRC.
Questions about this server can be emailed to irc@xs4all.nl.
Please do not bother us with irc-problems/fights/kicks/bans or
any other kind of non-server related question in email or on IRC.
They are a part of irc, and we are not in the position to solve them
for you.
Keep in mind: IRC is a privilege, not a right

Basic rules:

- Only 2 connections per person allowed. Please note that this is not
  per host, but per person. This limit is for global connections, so 
  not only for this server, but for the entire network.

- No bots! They will be removed from this server without hesitation.

- No abuse. This is a rule which describes many actions. Always try to
  use your common sense. 

All l33t vhosts are banished from this server. DNS spam will be dealt
with on sight. The bans are on hostnames, but don't tempt us, because we
keep track of IP as well.
For more information on how to name your hosts, check:

All the Dutch IRC servers are sharing the K-lines, so if you get one
here, you can be sure you won't be able to get on the other servers
as well.

Every oper/admin has the right to take actions as (s)he sees fit. And 
those actions are not open to debate.

On connect, your host will be scanned for any open proxies you might
have running on your box. The scans originate from
proxyscan.xs4all.nl and are only meant to scan for proxies. These
scans will not harm your system in any way.


The irc.xs4all.nl administrators <irc@xs4all.nl>.

ADMIN-istrative information from irc.xs4all.nl

Administrative info about irc.xs4all.nl
XS4ALL Networking for the masses
The XS4ALL IRC-Operators

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