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Server information about irc.swipnet.se

MOTD of irc.swipnet.se

irc.swipnet.se Message of the Day - 
9/6/2008 13:19
^. .^                                                           ^. .^
( @ )            The Internet is full - go away!                ( @ )
                \ \ | | | || || |-'| .` || |- `| |'
               `---'`-----'`-'`-'  `-'`-'`---' `-'
            http://www.swip.net/ - http://www.tele2.se/
                ports : 5190, 6660-6670, 8000, 8080

          remember, this is a free service - not a right.
Running any kind of robots  (clones, autonomes, etc), harassing other
users,  leaving clients   connected to the server   while not  at the
keyboard  (less then 2 hours is ok)  is forbidden on this IRC server.
We reserve the right to  remove you or even ban  you  (or your entire
domain) from this server if you break any of these rules.

We also preapologize for annoying /msgs, /ctcp requests, or incorrect
/kills  from IRC ops.  They  are often times  unavoidable in order to
keep the server rules enforced.

Clients should have a valid CTCP response or risk the chance of being
denied access without prior warning.
This server is not an officially supported service, and as such,  the
views of  the operators and users of this server may not be the views
of Tele2 / SWIPnet.
If you  need any  help /join #se-opers  and ask the  people there. If
there  are no people  on #se-opers you  can always  try #eu-opers  or
just send an email about it to irc@swip.net.
       For administrative details, type /admin irc.swipnet.se.
       For operator details,     type /stats o irc.swipnet.se.
Security @ your home: http://www.cert.org/tech_tips/home_networks.html
Your channel got taken over?   http://home.snafu.de/kl/takeovers.html

ADMIN-istrative information from irc.swipnet.se

Administrative info about irc.swipnet.se
TELE2's IRCserver at SWIPNet
IRC-questions should be mailed to <irc@swip.net>
Online help can be found in #se-opers

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