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Server information about ircd.seed.net.tw

MOTD of ircd.seed.net.tw

ircd.seed.net.tw Message of the Day - 
25/3/2009 13:57
           Welcome to Taiwan Seednet IRC Routing Server!!

     This server is on IRCnet and provides routing only.
     There are 4 IRC servers in Taiwan for client connections.
     Please use the following client servers.
     The client server list:
       - irc.seed.net.tw
       - irc.tw.freebsd.org
     ports available: 6665-6669.

     * If you are in Taiwan but you can't connect to the client server, 
       please email to IRC administrator <tempter@fareastone.com.tw> 
       and ask permission.
     * For problems or questions with the client server, 
       email Seednet Ircops <ircops@du.net.tw>, 
       also IRC adminstrator can be emailed at <ircadm@du.net.tw>

     Internet Service in Taiwan, please Call 886-40509000
     For more info on Seednet Service, visit http://www.seed.net.tw
     Do NOT call us about bot shells, we do NOT sell bot/shell access

ADMIN-istrative information from ircd.seed.net.tw

Administrative info about ircd.seed.net.tw
Patrick C. Tsai <tempter@fareastone.com.tw>

Seednet, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC

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