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All Servers seen from MAN-DA.DE

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Open Servers total: 8
Users total: 9289
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All Servers seen from MAN-DA.DE
Server Name Ports Description Users Uptime SID Version Configuration Bandwidth in KByte/second Last seen
irc.atw-inter.net6665 - 6669, 7000EU Open Server, Provided by ATW Internet Kft.246449 days, 18:05:160PNA2.11.2p3.aEFIJkMpRsTuvZ621.6882018-08-20 01:05
ssl.irc.atw-inter.net6679, 6697Experimental EU Open SSL Server, Provided by ATW36449 days, 18:05:160PNY2.11.2p3+ssl.aEFIJkMpRsTuvZ63.1382018-08-20 01:05
eris.us.ircnet.net6666 - 6669United States of America IRCnet Server132679 days, 23:19:070PNE2.11.2p3.aEFIJkMpRsTuvZ69.2252018-08-20 01:05
irc.us.ircnet.net6665 - 6669, 7000United States of America IRCnet Server480658 days, 13:01:140PNU2.11.2p3.aEFIJkMpRsTuvZ69.4772018-08-20 01:05
irc.nlnog.net6666 - 6669NLNOG, Amsterdam, Netherlands1744104 days, 12:14:300PNN2.11.2p3.aEFIJkMpRsTuvZ612.2562018-08-20 01:05
irc.psychz.net6661 - 6669, 7000Psychz Networks - Amsterdam, Netherlands545126 days, 6:08:190PNP2.11.2p3.aEFIJKlMpQRsTuvYZ65.6352018-08-20 01:05
openirc.snt.utwente.nl5551, 6660 - 6669SNT at University of Twente, The Netherlands115311 days, 5:02:480PNT2.11.2p3.aEFIJkMpRsTuvZ66.8002018-08-20 01:05
irc.portlane.se5551, 6660 - 6670, 8000, 8080Portlane, Stockholm, Sweden12131085 days, 5:46:100PNS2.11.2p3.aEFIJkMpRsTuvZ616.3432018-08-20 01:07

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